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Welcome to Online Poker Gambling, your most loved virtual poker partner. Here you will find many a useful tip and strategy to help you improve your poker playing skills in no time. Allow us to underline that we are experienced poker players (both live and online), overjoyed to share our tips and tricks with you. The poker community is the most entertaining one, we all agree. Therefore, we welcome you to stay, browse, suggest, and, finally, sign up at our trusted, licensed online poker gambling rooms.

Poker tips for Beginners

For all online poker rookies out there, allow us to first explain the main difference between an online- and a live poker game. Of course, it involves money, as there is no solid poker table where you normally store the funds. Money depositing and withdrawal is, in our experience, usually the most complicated issue for inexperienced online poker players. Moreover, with state efforts to diminish online gambling, money depositing and raking systems are now a bit more complicated than they used to be.

Full Tilt Poker

In order to avoid confusion in that respect, we strongly suggest you should start with full tilt poker, as it enables direct deposits to your account. Beside being the easiest in terms of payments and withdrawals, it also offers the best rakes – a 3-7% one compared to other poker rooms’ 10% rake.

Free Deposits

The best thing about online poker is that you get free deposits when you sign up. Calculate it: the more the merrier! You may practice away your skills until you are ready to play for real money. Full tilt poker offers a 100% matched deposit, but the sum isn’t limitless. In most cases it is up to $600. However, don’t expect to get the full bonus in one go: you are required to play a certain amount of hands beforehand. These are predefined, and clearly stated in target online poker rooms’ terms and conditions. Make sure to read them thoroughly!

Online poker hands takes less time to play

The second benefit online poker has to offer is that a poker hand takes considerably less time to play. Opponents will keep changing; statistics says that an average online poker player spends one to two hours in one poker room. Also, many online poker players multitask. If you are careful and concentrated, this will prove a crucial benefit. And you will need one, given that, due to the ever-changing promenade of poker players, it will be more difficult for you to read your opponents and deduce they strategy.

Bluffing in online poker

The biggest challenge remains bluffing. As you won’t be able to see your opponents’ faces and gestures, you will have to implement a whole new approach. Keep the multitasking part in mind, and take it into consideration at all times. Multitaskers always play half-heartedly, so don’t confuse their lack of concentration for bluffing.

Recommended sites at Online Poker Gambling

These tips are sufficient to get you going. As time passes, you will come up with your own refined approach, suited to your personality and playing style. Until such times come, we encourage you to sign up at our recommended online poker rooms, all of which are licensed and have been tested and verified by us. We at Online Poker Gambling take pride in our precious selection, and welcome you to join our community of happy online poker players. Welcome to the wondrous world of online poker, and – keep on winning!

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